Structure and Methodology

U3M-AL  workpackages distribution: WP.1 Mapping 3M activities in partner universities D.1.1 Report on  3M good practices in EU universities D.1.2 Mapping 3M  activities and needs in Albanian Univ. D.1.3 Report on  legal limitations to 3M activities D.1.4 General  seminar on 3M activities WP.2 Training on 3M activities in each Albanian university D.2.1 Training  workshops in each Albanian university WP.3 Training visits on 3M activities in EU  universities D.3.1 Visits to  Valencia, Turin and Turku WP.4 Establishing Regional Development Centres in  each Albanian university D.4.1 Analysis of  the regional demands of 3M activities D.4.2 Designing a  plan of 3M activities D.4.3 Establishing  permanent structures for 3M D.4.4 Establishing  Albanian network of 3M activities WP.5 Evaluation of the project D.5.1 Evaluation  report D.5.2 Impact  report D.5.3 Audit  report WP.6 Activities of dissemination D.6.1 International  Conference D.6.2 Publication D.6.3 Web page of  the Albanian 3M Network WP.7 Project management and steering D.7.1 Steering  Committee meetings D.7.2 Financial  management D.7.3 Coordination  of project activities

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