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Developing Third Mission activities in Albanian Universities

 Project ended in October 14th, 2014

U3M-AL project focuses on promoting 3M activities in  Albanian universities, training university staff, establishing Regional  Development Centres in charge of 3M activities in each public university and  finally creating an Albanian network for promoting 3M activities at national  level.

The project U3M-AL will try to promote cultural and  structural reforms in universities but not only. The role of the socioeconomic  environment it is also critical for the success of this project. In this sense,  the project will promote the relationships with regional industry, employers,  public authorities and the society at large. All of them will be part of the  activities developed in this project and in the remaining activities when the  project will be over.


The Final publication of the U3M-AL project:  Developing Third Mission activities in Albanian Universities        

Zhvillimi i misionit te trete ne universitetet shqiptare


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